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3-year PhD Position (E13 TVöD, 100 %)

/ August 7, 2021

Within the DFG-funded project “Deterministisch-hydrodynamische Größen-, Form- und Dichtefraktionierung polydisperser Feinstpartikelsysteme“– ( Externer Link ) the Institute of Fluidmechanics and

3-year PhD Position (E13 TVöD, 65 %)

/ Juli 14, 2021

Within the DFG-funded project “Activation of C-H and C-F bonds at Rhodium complexes for the functionalisation of fluorinated olefins and ethers“– the Department of Chemistry at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin welcomes

PhD position (f/m/d)

/ Juli 1, 2021

The PhD student will work on the project C06 “Optimal transport based colocalization” in the research group of Bernhard Schmitzer. The project studies biological cells and their conjectured ability to regulate their metabolic activity by

Research associate position (E13 TV-L 75%)

/ März 12, 2021

The Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences at the Universität Hamburg invites applications for a position as research associate in the DFG Research Training Group “Collective Decision-Making”.The English